Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Only a Year Late: Butter London Bossy Boots

I'm pretty sure Bossy Boots came out for Spring 2012, but I only purchased it last fall. And finally tried it (why do we let polish sit around forever, even though we desperately want to buy it?). It's a pistachio green, which I love, and I like the way it looks. Formula is a bit finicky, as with all white-based pastels, and it chipped more quickly than some of my other Butter London formulas, which I find is also par for the course with pastel creams.
Sorry it's so messy. I usually paint my nails at night, after my shower, while we're watching TV. And it didn't flow or level out as nicely as some others, which I sort of require because I'm not very good at keeping my nails neat, ha. And all that Q-tip cleaning business? Please. #lazy
Don't really care, though, because it's awesome. I know Butter London has more pastels out for Spring 2013, and I want Kerfuffle because holy hell that's an awesome name. But I also noticed that the prices went up to $15 and I'm a bit miffed. I'll be waiting for a sale before I scoop up any more Butter London shades.

*edit: I just saw on Twitter this morning that Butter London is doing a 3 for $30 sale on their site with code SPRING13. Shipping is separate.