Sunday, March 3, 2013

Experiments of the Week: Feb. 24 - 28

Last one for February! I've been told not to stop these, but I think I've exhausted my creativity for a little while. I think I'll do one every once in a while, rather than every week. I did enjoy them!

This past week I tried to:
  • Use bronzer
  • Use a bright color on the lower lashline.
  • perfect/attempt the "natural" look (e.g., something appropriate for a job interview)
Natural look first. As I mentioned on Twitter, I think the "natural" makeup look is a pack of lies, ha! It takes just as many products as a more glam look - sometimes even more, because the emphasis here is on healthy skin and enhancing one's features. That means we want colors that are natural but maybe just a little bit deeper, a little more controlled than what we have with a bare face.
The arsenal, minus lip product. The quad is Clinique Teddy Bear, which had four "nude" mattes.

I use the Bobbi Brown corrector (Peach) under my eyes, and the Smashbox concealer to cover the redness in my cheeks. Then I buff everything out with the Annabelle BB Compact Makeup.
On lips: Tarte Moody.
The second look combines the other two goals: using bronzer (in this case, Dior Aurora), and lining the lower lashline with a bright shade (a combination of Ozma from the Tarina Tarantino Emerald Pretty palette, and the Urban Decay Flipside 24/7 Glide-on Pencil).
Same base makeup as above, except I'm only wearing Dior Aurora, no blush; lips: Revlon Coral Reef Super Lustrous Gloss over Dior Angelique Beige 
I have to admit that I don't usually like putting a bright color on the lower lashline (and it never STAYS - what are your tricks for making it last?) but this one came out okay. I think because it's actually kind of dark, so it just looks liked I rimmed my eyes with dark shades.

What different kind of looks have you been trying lately?