Sunday, March 31, 2013

A March Treat: Dior Addict Gloss in Paradise

You know I like Dior glosses, a lot. So, when I saw that they had revamped the formula and come out with new shades, I decided this would be my March treat.

The SA described this as "disco cocktail" something something, which, to be honest, isn't really a selling point with me...but obviously, I bought it anyway. It's coral - whatever that means - with a healthy dose of SPARKLES. You can pick out the individual sparkles, so it is glittery rather than pearlescent. (When she removed the gloss so I could try another one, she smeared sparkles all over my face. Are. You. Serious.)
732 Paradise over bare lips. It is glittery. I won't lie.
The sparkles are pink-gold-silver (this sounds impossible, but I swear it's true), suspended in a jelly-ish coral gloss that is more pink than orange on my lips. To be honest, I miss Orange Pareo, but they didn't really have anything similar, and I could see myself wearing this daily. It's not too much. AND IT'S STILL MOISTURIZING, which I have decided is a must in a gloss.
The glitter is kind of a lot, but it's fun. And it really brightens a face! It also looks really pink here, but in real life, it looks more coral.
So, I kind of still want another one - one without tons of glitter particles in it. But Paradise is just so pretty, I can't regret it.

Have you picked up any of the new Dior glosses?

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