Monday, February 18, 2013

Experiments of the Week: Feb. 10-16

Last week, the objectives were:

1. Wear the same color (not necessarily the same product) on eyes, cheeks, lips.
2. Use Pixie Epoxy!
3. Wear a different blush every day.

For task 1, I used Fyrinnae Rapunzel Had Extensions, Guerlain Sunny Pink*, and Fyrinnae Romantique. All peachy golds, and all quite lovely. I will try to do an FOTD post on this soon. Worked better than I thought it would!
I also used Pixie Epoxy under Rapunzel Had Extensions, to bring out the peach-gold shift.

I can't say that Task 2: Pixie Epoxy turned out fabulously, but I think it does take practice, so at least I got a little bit of that in. I tried to use it with Tyr and with Rapunzel Had Extensions, but I think it worked better with Rapunzel Had Extensions. I do want to try it again, so I think I will - but on days when I don't have to go anywhere, until I get a better hang of it. If that's possible. Ha.
Wearing Fyrinnae Tyr (dark green-gray) over Pixie Epoxy and some theBalm neutral champagne shade. Kind of reminds me of L'oreal Golden Emerald, which doesn't require a sticky I might just stick with that in the future.
And here's the blush pr0n shot. A different one every day, as promised!

I'm kind of having fun with this, although I'm a little wary of trying really new things on days where I have to go out into the world. But eh, it's just makeup and there's no dress code to be a graduate student, so I guess now is really the time to go wild!

Do you have tips for using Pixie Epoxy? Do you use your fingers, or a brush?

*Won in a brand giveaway on Twitter.

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