Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Splash of Spring: Shiseido YE406 Trio

I really love this shot.
This is a hard review for me to write, because I really feel like my swatches and attempts to showcase this trio are inadequate. When I first swatched this, I was indifferent; yes, the texture was smooth and easy to pick up, easy to distribute, and overall quite lovely, but it just looked so-so on my arm. The true beauty of this palette is evident when it's actually used properly; on eyes, it is beautiful. I have not been this pleased with a palette in a long time.
Shiseido Lumining Satin Eye Color Trio in YE406, Tropicalia. They retail for $33I bought mine from Shiseido.com last December. Obviously, I don't use the brush...
The colors are vibrant. On eyes, they all possess a slight dual-color shift that makes them really beautiful to wear, and easy as a single wash of color - the color shift adds dimension. I wear these over Becca Eye Tint in Vicuna right now, and they last most of the day with a little bit of fading toward the end. I don't have a proper primer to test them over (like NARS, MUFE, etc.) at the moment.
I tried to do a few looks using them, to show how bright they can actually be. Shockingly, the pink may be my favorite - it is a fuchsia with a slight blue tinge, and it is so, so gorgeous.
Swatched over bare skin. They seem really sheer, but the colors seem to pop more when worn properly on eyes.

Wearing the pink shade on eyes (theBalm Sophisticated in the crease). For the makeup breakdown, see this post (Jan. 27 look).
Just the yellow shade on the eyes, and black liner (Clinique). Can't remember what the rest of the makeup was, sorry!
Close-up shot of just the green shade on lids. You can see that it's sort of a green-yellow with a sheen to it. So, so pretty. Prettier in person and hard to capture in photos.
And the full face shot of the green on lids. See how bright it is? Full makeup breakdown here (Jan. 26).
If you are alarmed by the brightness of the shades, don't be. They can be worn sheer (the first wash of color with a flat brush is on the sheer side; to reach the vibrancy shown in these photos, I usually do several layers. They layer just fine - no fall out, no clumping).

If you're curious, you need to get to a counter and have it applied to your eyes. They come in a multitude of shades, and I have to say, the next time I have a hankering for another palette, I may pick up the navy-orange-gray trio (OR302, Fire). The quality is really stunning, and the color pay-off is satisfying. Even the yellow. To get an idea of ways to use it, see this post - I featured it in a Beauty Week at a Glance post, and used it for about a week, straight.