Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Think Pink?

As many of you may well know, I'm not much into pink. It's not my kind of color. However, lately I've been going through some of the pink products that I own, and I have to admit that they are usually quite flattering - very natural. My lips are, after all, naturally pink; my cheeks flush pink, my nail beds are pink. Clothing-wise, soft blush shades are often worked in as neutral staples. So, here's a post dedicated to products that are soft and pretty - ones that I have begrudgingly accepted as "natural beauty" staples.
Background: The scarf was a gift from my mom.

Smashbox Radiance blush
I did a "Beauty Week at a Glance" post centered around this, which really reminded me how natural a cool pink blush can be. This is a nice powder that's hard to overdo.

Senna Cosmetics Très Jolie
Another pink blush! This one is a deeper rose color, but still within the realm of "natural." The texture is lovely and I like the small pan size.

Zoya Gigi
I don't usually buy feminine shades like this, but this one is a favorite - probably because it has delicate flecks of silver glitter in it. A fun "neutral."

Burberry Pink Taupe Quad*
This was a fabulous Christmas present. The pink shade is not bright or fuchsia or anything too colorful, so it does make a nice, flattering wash of color on the eye, especially when blended over the beige or paired with the darker brown. Really, really lovely and absolutely work-safe.

MAC Viva Glam V
Frosty, but a flattering plum-pink that is an easy finish to a look.

Dior Rouge Serum in 215 Primrose Crystal
A natural, "MLBB" shade. Not as moisturizing as some other formulas, but still comfortable to wear and flattering. Plus, it's Dior and therefore luxurious.

Fresh Sugar Rose Treatment
I thought this would be a shock of pink, but it's only slightly darker than my natural lip shade, and has all the benefits of the original colorless balm. An easy swipe of color and moisture.

Jo Malone Red Roses
I know, the name is "red" roses, not "pink," but I think it falls in with my theme. Rose fragrances get treated as "old lady" fragrances, but I often like them. This one is lovely, with hints of green that keep it from getting too powdery, cloying, or sweet. Decidedly feminine, yes, but that's okay.

Annabelle Volume Lip Gloss in Coralicious
Milky pink and comfortable to wear. Faintly paler than my natural lip shade, but it makes them look shiny and healthy.

Are there products that you initially found boring, but have come to appreciate?