Sunday, January 27, 2013

Empties + Rejects, January 2013

I debated whether I should restart the counter for these posts since we're on the new year (eep!). I decided: yes. Or else it just gets too confusing and endless.

It looks like there is still product in the gloss, but I swear, I could not fish any more out and I tried the hot water thing multiple times. The end.

Clinique Moisturizing Gel
I've repurchased this countless times and have been using the whole system since late high school, but it's time for a change. I still like some of their products, but I think my skin type has changed and I need something a little more moisturizing now. Experimenting with some new products; will give a report later.

Fresh Sugar Mini Lip Balm
Love the original, hate the mini because the packaging does not work when shrunk down to this itsy bitsy size. I have a couple more (free Sephora gift) so I'll use 'em.

Dior Orange Pareo lip gloss
It happened! I finished an actual colored lip product! Of course it would be an LE one. I think this sheer orange jelly sort of color is really flattering, glitter or no. I also find the Dior glosses to be really moisturizing (at least, this one was), so I will definitely buy another in the future. Not right now, but eventually.

Benefit Magic Ink Liner
I like this one (this is my second), but it's not waterproof and in the summer when it gets hot, the liquid starts too ooze out of the well and makes a mess. I think I'm going to try some other types of liquid liners; I use black liquid liner every day, so I need a good one that doesn't smudge and stays put.

Cake It's a Slice Hand Cream
I like the original scent much better. Still like the texture of this one, though. Using up a mini L'Occitane cream right now (that I don't like), but will have to find something new after that. Preferably a cheaper alternative.

Haus of Gloi Parkin mini Pumpkin Butter
This may be my favorite indie body lotion - it's so luxurious! Feels wonderful. Parkin is a bit too foodie for me (though I didn't mind it in the winter - pumpkin muffins, mmm!) so I wouldn't get this scent again, but I definitely need more pumpkin butters!

Haus of Gloi Snow Wolf Whipped Soap
I like the texture of the whipped soap, but this scent didn't speak to me, either. Because of this, I confess that I used generous amounts of it for extra sudsies, which help chase away winter gloom.

Alchemic Muse Honey Basalm soap sample
Received a sliver sample when I made an order long ago, and just finally got around to using it because soap bars are not my thing (they get slimy. Ew). I like the herbal, spa-like scent but don't like the feeling the soap leaves on my skin - tight and squeaky.

Bath and Body Works French Baguette, Apple Crumble and Vanilla Snowflake 3-wick Candles
Yep, three. I don't always burn the same one but over the past few weeks there's usually been something lit at all times - I love the way the scent wafts up the stairs and makes the whole apartment smell cozy. I've enjoyed them a lot this winter. I'm down to one candle now, but I won't be purchasing any more for a while, and that's okay.

Bath and Body Works Lavender Macaron & Caramel Apple Mini candles
The first was not super lavender heavy, and subtly sweet. Too small to fill a room, but nice on my desk. The Caramel Apple had much stronger throw, and smelled deliciously of caramel, but this sometimes got to be too sweet.


Sephora Long-Lasting Liner in Glitter Khaki and Fancy Violet
Not useable any more (really watery and weird) and far too old. Tossing.

Dove Dry Shampoo
I hate the smell. HATE. Smells like the Buxom lip glosses to me, and it makes me kind of nauseous. I bought this months ago, tried it once, and stuffed it in the darkest, deepest cabinet. But it was only a few bucks and I can't stand it, so out it goes.

On the quest to empty things and reduce, reduce, reduce! I'm also trying not to buy any backups at the moment; I've got multiples of cleansers and things going on right now because I am trying out a lot of skincare (and I always try new things when I still have the old one left so that I can take it slow). I haven't bought anything beauty/skincare related this month (actually, I haven't purchased anything, not even new knitting needles) so far, so here's hoping it will last!