Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blush Fiends: The One That Started It All

Blush is a problem. It lends itself to far too many lemmings (see here). A few other bloggers and I decided that we should form a support group, of sorts, so here we are. First topic of discussion: the blush that started it all.

I never used to wear blush - I think it's the last thing I really got into. But now I'm hooked, because it can really brighten up a face. Or define it. I think too, part of the reason why I covet blush is that it can have interesting patterns and blends and colors! The first blush I ever wanted to purchase was this:
MAC Sakura, from the Quite Cute collection.

I know. It's pink and it's got a heart on it. I'm a bit embarrassed, but hell, it's cute. And lavender! How often do you see a lavender blush? If you use the edges, it's a cool pink. If you pick up the center heart shade on your brush, you can get a much brighter pink.

I don't use it as often anymore, but this has reminded me to pull it out again. I like the mineralize blush formula for its glow and ease of use (I own four).

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