Monday, January 21, 2013

Beauty Week at a Glance: Jan. 13 - 19

This week's focus was Smashbox Radiance, a cool pink blush. I also added Smashbox High Definition Concealer in Light to my daily bag, in an attempt to do more to banish the raccoon eyes (it's been sitting in my stash; I use it off and on).

And Saturday, Jan. 19, was another lazy, makeup-free day.

I actually quite liked using Smashbox Radiance this week! I'm glad I kept it around. It's very fresh and youthful. I also experimented with just using Clinique's Brush-on Cream liner alone, without layering a pencil over it. It actually holds up decently, though I do experience some smudging as the day goes on, so it's not perfect.

Next week's product: Shiseido YE406 trio! I need to inject some color into my life. How would you wear yellow eye shadow?