Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beauty Week at a Glance: Jan. 01 - 05

I decided to trial a new type of blog post for January: the "Beauty Week at a Glance." It'll be a roundup of the week's products - the items I used daily (partially inspired by Vita!). This is just a fun way to remind myself what I used, spot trends, and share what combinations did and didn't work. There will be four or five - one per week this month.

These basic items don't change: Bobbi Brown Corrector, Annabelle BB Compact Makeup, Becca Vicuna, MUFE Aqua Brow, and Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner. Typically, I do my winged eyeliner like this, with a pencil to soften the black and set it, so I rotate the pencils out. (Incidentally, it's hard to find a black eyeliner that I can wear alone without smudging). Also, since I have bangs now, sometimes if I'm in a rush, I skip the brows. (Don't tell Wandz!)

All right, let's do this!

Yes, this is today. It worked out.
You may have noticed that there is a recurring element; that was also part of the idea. To challenge myself, I'm going to try to incorporate one product, color, or method of application every week. This week's, as you can see, was L'oreal Sahara Treasure.

I'm only committing myself to the rest of January, but it's a bit of a fun project, so I may continue on past that even if I don't continue documenting it on the blog. What are your favorite combinations for a shimmery taupe like L'oreal Sahara Treasure?

Also, want to play along? Next week's item is Dior Orange Pareo. If you have a sheer orange lipstick/gloss, we can compare notes!