Monday, December 24, 2012

The Look Swap: A Lipstick Bandit Celebration!

We have a magnificent surprise for you today! It's a surprise for all of us, actually. The prompt was this: each bandit would try to mimic the general look of another bandit.

I went for sheer red lips and an eye shadow that I know she loves (although I can't remember if any was recovered from the time it was spilled.)

Lips: Tarte Moody, which was a gift from yet another Bandit: Wandz. Slowly getting over the mint crayon smell. (Blargh).
To be honest, I don't know how she does this. Exposing my teeth in a closeup is terrifying. Only for you, my dear!
Eyes: Fyrinnae Polar Bear, lined with Clinique Cream liner, complete with Photoshopped lashes ;) Because the whole point is to have some fun with it,  neh?
Complete with photoshopped lashes!  Which are actually quite fun. I used these.
Can you guess who I got?

MM of Makeup Morsels.

And I know she doesn't do a full face, but just so you can see it all together (I didn't photoshop lashes here because there are two eyes and that sounded hard):
And now you have to see the other Bandits! Best tribute ever, right?
Also introducing a new Bandit (give her some lovin', yeah?):
Happy holidays, my loves!