Sunday, December 2, 2012


I tried two more of the editorial looks, because I decided that it was fun and it gives me a chance to USE my makeup (novel idea, that). I tackled the two looks with insane eyeliner, doing the purple one first, wiping off the gloss, adding gold to the lower lashline, and putting on a nude lip combo. Surprisingly efficient, no? Here's the inspiration.
The base makeup was the same as yesterday's post, except that I switched in MAC Fresh Honey mineralize blush for the Tarte bronzer, and I much prefer the MAC blush - less dirty looking.

For the eyes, I used Becca Vicuna and the middle shade of the Tarina Tarantino palette all over the lid and a light dusting under the lower lashline. And then the pale gold shade directly on the fold. Now, prepare yourselves. I used Clinique's gel liner again, along with the angled Tokidoki brush, and WENT TO TOWN. My shape is not quite as flat along the top - it's more of a winged out look - but I couldn't really manage the flat shape and didn't want to botch the whole thing. Also, my liner shape isn't as...big...but again, didn't want to get too ridiculous. Added on some purple-pink lipgloss (MAC Narcissus cremesheen), and voila!
Because not smiling is hard.

Something like that, anyway. And then, to move to the next look, I added gold under the lower lashline (Darling Girl Cosmetics Yule's Angel, topped with Fyrinnae Polar Bear), and replaced the purple lip with a nude lip combo: Revlon Gold Dust layered over Marcelle Enchantment.

Annnnd that is all for now. I'm tired of putting black on the waterline (it gets on my contacts and I'm a big baby) so the next editorial look I try will have to have a CLEAN WATERLINE. Or I'm going to take some artistic license with it.

And then I put on a hat. Because hats are cool. (Bowties are cool. Why yes, we've been watching too much Doctor Who.)
Actually really like this gold under the eyes bit. Gotta do it again.

Okay, I want to see your versions! C'mon guys. DO IT.