Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Smell Like a Bee

...or Winnie the Pooh? He probably smells like honey and divine things, right? So fluffy.
10 mL Eau de Parfum of Joan

This is Sweet Anthem Joan. It smells like honeycomb, and I am enamored. It has notes of "beeswax, coriander, peony, tomato leaf, white mint" (from the website) and the description declares, "You won't hate yourself for loving this one - bright green top notes of tomato leaf, coriander, and mint are paired with soft pink peonies and a blushing beeswax."

Fret not, Sweet Anthem is still vegan; I'm not sure what kind of magical ingredient creates such an authentic beeswax scent, but it is indeed magical. I have the eau de parfum, so the experience is slightly different than that of a perfume oil. I spritz, and instantly I smell like the magic honey fairy. It's a cheerful yet romantic scent, if that makes any sense at all. Very feminine, very delicate, like the intricate shell and webbing of honeycomb, dripping with pale, golden honey. There is a hint of greenery, a floral breath, and the finish is undeniably beeswax, but never cloying or powdery. Reminds me of something like this.

You might think that this isn't winter appropriate, but I think it's perfect - the sweetness makes it comforting and close, and between this and Lucille, I've been spoiled for light, breathy, honey-esque scents. This one's permanent and available at Sweet Anthem. I'm also eager to try Edith - Meredith's Wintertiming 2012 beeswax feature.