Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Edible Greens

After doing my "mleh, purple" post, I decided that I should also do one about a color that I like, although I do still feel that the original message was important (we don't have to have strong feelings about all the things). But this time, I bring you: green. With a food theme.

Background: H&M sweater
The two perfumes have a minty element - Solstice Scents Snowshoe Pass has just a hint of mint (giggle) whereas mint is much more prominent in Firebird's Black Tea and Mint. On nails, Butter London Bossy Boots is more pistachio, I suppose, but still a pastel green, and different from Essie Mint Candy Apple. The headband on the bottom is a product of the lovely Laura, who has a lovely shop. Also, I've always wondered why "mint" means this lovely pastel shade when mint leaves are more of a...leafy color. I guess mint-flavored things are pastel, but that seems backward, doesn't it?

background: Express Military Jacket (gifted)

The amber earrings were a gift from my mom. Butter London Wallis looks out of place, but it's still olive green, and a fabulous one, at that. The Annabelle Smoothie pencil was a gift from Tracy; it's a nice color but I wish it blended more easily.

Parsley/Basil/Green Sour Patch Kid 
(dude, that's totally a food, okay?) aka, Emerald
background: Target sweater

I want to find a pressed shadow the shade of Shiro Cosmetics Bulbasaur (I know I can press it myself, but let's be serious, shall we?) because it's one of my favorite grass-green shades. Sweet Anthem Lizie is my favorite green-smelling perfume (tomato leaf!) and I heart those earrings. I've wanted L'Oreal Golden Emerald ever since Rocaille wrote this post, and UD Covet is so happily green.

Ah, green. This post makes me happy! What color do you collect?