Saturday, December 15, 2012

Coming Up Violets

Sometimes I make an effort only to write about products that evoke either a decidedly positive or negative response from me - because who wants to hear about "mleh?"

Sometimes, though, that rule flies out the window, like many others. Sometimes, I get confused - do I love something, or hate it? Then, I wonder: do all of my responses need to be so polarized? That is what generated this post, which could also have been called: "Mixed Feelings About Things that are Purple."
From top left, clockwise:  Tom Ford Violet Blonde, Solstice Scents Solarium, Urban Decay Ransom, Bare Escentuals 1990's, Fyrinnae Mephisto, Dior Shadow, Butter London Branwen's Feathers. The background is a summer dress from H&M.

For such a diminutive flower (shrinking violet, yes?), violets pack a bold and heady fragrance. Actually, I'm not even sure if violets really smell the same as violet perfume. (Does anyone know?) Purple can also be dark and brooding, a powerful color - associated with royalty, as well.

I decided to showcase a few "violets." I have to point out that these are all unique in that 1. they're purple, and I'm not much for purple, and 2. I have mixed feelings about all of them (except for Shadow! LOVE Shadow).
Urban Decay Ransom is the outline, Fyrinnae Mephisto is the inner bit, and BE 1990's in the petals.

Tom Ford Violet Blonde is a femme fatale, and everything that I usually don't like in perfume - bold, punchy, powdery floral, with a benzoin finish. Yet somehow it works. I'm kind of timid with this one, like I keep expecting to reach a saturation point and suddenly hate it - but I think the verdict is yes. Probably won't purchase, but will enjoy the rest of my sample.

Solstice Scents Solarium is similar - I keep thinking that I will decide that I hate it. But I don't - at least, not yet. Smells something like Violet Blonde, but less forward. Creamier, softer, more complex.

Mephisto, 1990's and Ransom are eye products that rarely come out because, again, purple. But sometimes I need variety, and Mephisto is really beautiful - a lovely purple/red ghost. I find it hard to capture the shift, though, because I'm rubbish with Pixie Epoxy. 1990's is your run-of-the-mill dusty purple gray, and Ransom is a wanna-be purple liner. Wish it was brighter, but it can add a bit of sheen to a mostly neutral look.

BL Branwen's Feather is moody and not-quite-black, with faint silver specks. Very crow. Can't decide whether I love its subtlety or wish it was more. Dior Shadow is a dream-boat of warm purple with gold shimmer.

And that wraps up this indecision-filled post. Are there products that you can't make up your mind about?