Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Thursday Post

Natalie Merchant: My Skin. Haunting, delicate, beautiful.

Quinoa patties. Gotta try.

Sexy cars.

OMG the dog's plate is so cute...and makes me feel bad that I didn't do something that cool for Dennison. :(

I want to try all of these eye looks. Or maybe just have Wandz do them :P

PASTELSSSSS. I know they're polarizing (hate 'em or LOVE 'EM), and can see where I fall.
LOL I nearly died. S. collapsed on the bed and Dennison hopped on him, pinned him down, and proceeded to vigorously lick his hand. It was hilarious, because Dennison is not one of those exuberant slobbery lick-lick-lick dogs. I think S had been snacking on something...LOL.