Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sometimes I Strike Out

Sometimes I end up returning items, too. Even really beautiful things. It's a balance between what is unique to me, what is luxurious, what is a little too pricey, a little too indulgent. Some things are worth keeping, and some aren't. It's always a personal decision, and the choice is always mine.
Rouge d'Armani 408, Rosewood Red
This seems right up my alley, right? It's the red lipstick from Armani's fall collection. I love this lipstick formula, and I love reds. I ordered it without swatching (though I spent an inordinate amount of time looking at Arianne's face. And no, that's not creepy. Okay, maybe it is.) and I'm not sure what I was hoping for, but after wearing it once, I just decided it wasn't for me.
L-R: Armani 609, Armani 408, Dior Nocturne, MAC Runaway Red
I think it wasn't different enough from other reds I have. On my lips, it really reminded me of Dior Nocturne. It's darker and not metallic, but it has a sheen, so they seemed really similar. Maybe not exactly in shade, but in feel - for example, if I would pull out Armani 408, I'd use Nocturne as well. So, bottom line, not worth keeping, simply because it wasn't different enough. In terms of formula, it was lovely - on par with other Armani lipsticks. I love them.
Wearing Armani 408.
Ultimately, I returned it. Which goes to show you - I don't keep everything. Sometimes things don't work out. Sometimes I have similar colors - and I have to be ruthless about that!

If you're interested in this one, though, some counters do still have it. Check around! It's $30 US and LE.

What's the last thing you returned, and why?