Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rouge d'Armani 400: A Wedding Day Red

This, my darlings, is Rouge d'Armani 400, and it is the lipstick I wore on my wedding day. Before you ask: yes, it gets on the groom when you kiss, and no, nobody cares.

I picked this because I love the Rouge d'Armani formula: feels great, excellent staying power, scent- and taste-free, and the color is a beautiful blue-based red. My makeup artist (who was really lovely!) applied it over MAC Cherry Lipliner, and it stayed alllll day. I reapplied it before a second photo shoot session, but it was just a minor touch-up.

And what you've been waiting for: photos. All were taken by Studio San-San. Makeup was done by Metamorphosis Makeup. My hair was done at Caruh Salon. These are just a few photos, because I don't want to overwhelm or bore you. It covers key points, though - at least, on the beauty front.
The makeup. Foundation is NARS Sheer Glow in Ceylan, brows are MUFE Aqua Brow, lips are MAC Cherry + Rouge d'Armani 400. Lashes are Ardell. The other items are from the MUA's kit and I don't know what they all were, sorry!
The dress (from Nordstrom). And the Mr.
The flowers (which smelled amazing!) and my jewelry, which is all Nadri from Nordstrom. 
Hair pin from Tessa Kim. On nails: Dior Shadow.
The shoes, from Kenneth Cole.
It was an amazing day. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes and sweet thoughts. I have to say, it worked out well and I wasn't really stressed out at all. S. helped a lot with organizing things so that the day was a culmination of both of our tastes, preferences, and effort.

To any brides, as far as makeup and hair go, don't be swayed by anyone else. It's your day and your appearance should make you comfortable and feel beautiful. I tried to grow out my hair for a more traditional bride look and gave up a couple of months into it. It just wasn't me, and I hated it. With my usual happy length, I was still able to have it done at the salon, and I really liked the end result. I also bucked the trend by painting my nails dark and moody (which was a great contrast, in my humble opinion, ha!), and wearing classic red lips. I don't regret any of it. Last thing: trial runs are important - I ended up changing my foundation and a few other minor things after the trial. It's also important to find a great MUA, because for example, I had to find one who was willing to work with different items because of my paraben allergy. She was lovely.

Bottom line: I got married. And oh, Rouge d'Armani 400 is perfect. If you're looking for a classic, blue-based red with a comfortable formula and great staying power, this is it.