Saturday, November 3, 2012

October Favorites

I've been taken over by Canadian cosmetics. Or at least, that's what you'd think, given this month's list of favorites. And I forgot to include some of the favorites in the "favorites photo," but I've already put this off long enough, so you're just going to have to use your imagination, kids.

Annabelle BB Compact Makeup in Light-Medium
(not pictured) I've even gotten compliments from my dentist and dental hygienist. It's sparkly, but the sparkles aren't noticeable in person - it's just a lovely, lovely glow. Decent coverage. Lightweight, doesn't emphasize dry spots. FTW, as they say. See my original review here.

Annabelle Volume Lip Coralicious
(not pictured) I've been into natural lip shades this month (probably worn out from all that wedding RED), and this is a gorgeous option. It gets slightly tackier with reapplication, but in general, it's a great gloss. Find my review here.

Marcelle Rouge Xpression Jezebel
A great fall shade. It's deeper than it looks and works well as a "baby vamp." The formula is amazing, too, and I can't believe it's a drugstore lipstick. Reviews for the five (!) that I purchased coming up soon.

Makeup Forever Aqua Brow #25
Best thing ever. Ridiculously easy to use and so natural looking. And did I mention easy? It's become part of my daily routine now. Full review coming up soon (I am so backlogged, you guys. Eep).

Dior Shadow nail polish*
I wore this for about half the month, so I'd say that qualifies it as a favorite, no? It was also my wedding nail polish choice, and I'm thrilled with how it came out in photos. Dark elegance to a T. Find my review here.

Butter London Hardwear P.D. Quick Top coat
A really nice top coat - dries to a very glossy finish. I got one as part of that Coterie deal, and it reminds me that some polishes do work best with the base/top coat from the same brand. Makes sense, right? This has put Butter London in a new light for me. Will have to try wearing The Black Knight again to see if it is improved by its matching top coat.

Senna Cosmetics Tres Jolie blush**
As I mentioned, this month was mostly about natural makeup - easy and wearable. This blush fits perfectly with that theme. Find the original review here.

GAP kids bathrobe
Not a beauty item, but I really like it. It's fuzzy and it has stars on it. What more can a person want? The fit isn't sexy or anything since it's a kids' robe, but it's comfortable and since it has a tie, it stays together well. AND IT HAS A HOOD. Crucial element, guys. Also, S. bought it for me. We exchanged simple, small gifts the night before our wedding, and since I had expressed a desire for a bathrobe, he gave me one. (I gave him two scotch glasses. And no, I'm not a fan of scotch - much more an Irish whiskey girl - but having only one glass is no fun, right?)

*gifted to me by the lovely Reductionista
**won in a blogger-hosted giveaway