Monday, November 26, 2012

NARS Mascate: Redux

Since this is one of my favorite lipsticks - ever - I decided it was time to update the swatch. Also, I thought I'd remind people that it is an awesome lipstick, and perfect for the season. Vampy, red, glorious. And matte. I love matte finishes. They just seem so clean and soft and...I love 'em.
Glorious, matte red.
This is NARS Mascate. The original review is here, and I still love it every bit as much. It just makes me feel all super-model, you know?
I...don't remember what the rest of the makeup is. LOL. The blush is MAC Early Morning, though, I think.
What's your super-model lipstick? Also, look: TWINSIES. Dani is so glam :)