Monday, November 19, 2012

Go Forth, Be Vamp-eh!

With lipstick, of course. I know it's been all about lip products lately - especially punchy ones - here on Eye Heart It, but today ALL of the Lipstick Bandits are encouraging you to get your vamp on. We bring you options! You're sure to find one that suits.
Rouge d'Armani 609.
Mine is Rouge d'Armani 609, of course. I seriously think this is one of the darkest shades on offer by a high-end brand (trust me, I swatched A LOT of lipsticks that day; Tom Ford's Black Orchid is slightly redder and shimmery on me, and Chanel's Rouge Noir was not yet re-released so I didn't try it). The formula is lightweight and comfortable.
You can blot it down to sheer out the color (though this also tones down the glossy finish), which I have done on occasion. It can be built up again quite easily, as well. Versatile! Perfect for baby steps. I've also layered different glosses over it for variety, and that works quite well.

And now you must see what the other Bandits have picked!
What's your vampy weapon lipstick of choice?