Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall Features: Nails

This is mostly a photo spam post to show you snippets of colors that I've been loving lately. Rich, opulent, earthly shades have really caught my eye this season, which surprises me - I'm not usually a fan of warm shades. There's a time for everything, I guess! These feel to me like all the colors of fall - and yes, there are a few dark greens, because in WA state, we also have evergreens to balance out the rich red, orange, and gold of fall.
You can see how it kind of looks like it's an olive foil on a blackened base, here.
Butter London Wallis. I was vehemently against this shade when it first burst onto the blogs, but then a week ago I saw a swatch of it again and was surprised by how appealing it had become. One Ulta 20% coupon later, it was in my hands - and on them! Perfect blackened gold-olive thing, though the formula is a little finicky.
Copper foil with magenta flecks and green glitter. Amazing.

Butter London Scuppered. New for the holidays. I had to have it because of the green flecks on the copper base - somehow that just screamed at me. Well, and then Eugenia went and swatched the whole lot. I would probably buy less nail polish if not for her, haha. (But would I be a happier person? HA.) Snagged this from with $4.22 in drugstore dollars to use, plus a Lippmann GWP. #fistpump

Dior Shadow*. I can't stop going on about this. IT'S SO PRETTY, GUYS.

Butter London West End Wonderland. Another old one, but I got it in that Coterie deal a while back (along with the top coat and two others. That BL top coat makes a HUGE difference with BL polishes, let me tell you. And I guess that makes sense, but who wants to be sensible?) and it's beautiful. I love the copper flecks in it. Don't love: removal. It took me five cotton pads and I almost needed a nap afterward. I don't have a swatch because I forgot to take one when I wore it, and I'm not doing that again for a while. Not even for you guys. For a beautiful swatch, see Goose's Glitter. That's the post that made me buy this, anyway.
Sorry about the bad the time I realized how bad they were, I had removed this, LOL.

OPI Live and Let Live (Skyfall collection). Another one I'm going to pin on Eugenia, haha. Blackened green shimmery thing. Love. Darker and less warm than I anticipated, but lovely in its own way. Reminds me of some of the new A England polishes, so maybe I can hold off on those for a while. There needs to be an end to the mad nail polish buying that has occurred recently. The formula on this was really nice - rather impressed.

OPI Goldeneye (Skyfall collection). Pretty, pretty, pretty. Gold. Blingy. Nice formula. More like a ton of warm gold flecks in a clear base, but this is two coats and it's pretty opaque. Would transition well into the holidays, too.

I haven't started moving on into holiday metallics or anything moodier yet, but that will probably happen after Thanksgiving, once all of the Christmas decorations really come out. I'm kind of scared. But that will be a whole other blog post!

What are your favorite nail shades this season? 

*gifted to me by the Reductionista herself