Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another Gift Idea: Tarina Tarantino Emerald Pretty Palette

If these aren't all gone, you should grab one and give it to someone you like. I bought mine during the VIB sale; it was already on sale and that was doubly awesome. The shadows cover a nice range of colors without being too bright, and they all go together in fun ways. I don't like the packaging and am tempted to try my first depotting project (S said he'd help) but then I need to get a palette and I can't be bothered.
Tarina Tarantino Emerald Pretty Palette.

However, like the ones in the other Tarina Tarantino palette I have, these shadows are soft and easy to use, blendable, and pigmented. The formula is fantastic and I hope the line makes more colors and fabulous palettes in the future.
L-R, under Ottlite, no primer: Glinda's Kiss, Silver Shoes, Dandy Lion, Saw Dust Heart, Ozma, Very Wicked

Natural light, same order. You can see that some have a sheen in certain lights, and also a slight duochrome effect. They're pretty.
Also, I have to say, I have a soft spot for The Wizard of Oz and the other Oz stories. I read them all countless times as a child (though some books in the series are better than others, naturally) and I hope the new movie that's coming out doesn't suck (love Mila Kunis, can't much stand James Franco...I'm sure we can work it out). The whole world is really magical, and complex, and one of my favorite childhood landscapes, hands down.

I don't know that this palette is bright and wild enough to reflect my memories of the Land of Oz, but I respect the effort. I'll try to bring you some EOTDs, but I've been feeling rather blah lately, and just slap on some brown shadow or other and call it a day.

(Lastly, this brings me to another reason why I love Seattle: it's the Emerald City).