Friday, November 2, 2012

Annabelle Volume Lip Glosses

I picked up three of these in Vancouver; it's a comfortable gloss which keeps my lips hydrated throughout wear. I don't necessarily notice any "plumping," though I'm not looking for it (I don't feel any tingling, either) and they do get slightly tacky as time goes on, but it's not a deal-breaker.
The big problem I do have with these glosses is the packaging. The applicator gets messy and starts to just push gloss around on my lips, rather than evening the layers out, which makes it hard to get a smooth wash of color - especially with patchy colors like Au Currant. It also makes it hard to get a clean application with the saturated colors.The other big thing is that the silicone tip needs to be wiped off after every use to keep gloss from getting all over the inside of the cap, and who is able to do that while on the go? Finally, the tube itself: it's a squeeze tube. Not my favorite.

Coralicious is almost an MLBB shade for me, though it's slightly paler in a flattering way; I love the high shine and the light pink color. It's on the sheer side and I would call it "pink" rather than "coral," but that's the only minor issue I have. It's milky but doesn't settle noticeably into lines. I really, really like this one and have been wearing it quite often since I purchased it.
Wearing Coralicious.
So Sanguine, on the other hand, is a bright orange gloss. BRIGHT. It applies evenly and opaquely - or as opaque as a gloss can get. The finish is kind of "jelly" like (nail polish terms ftw) rather than milky. I also really, really like this.
So Sanguine. It's messy, but I feel that the applicator contributes. I don't want to smooth out the gloss too much at the risk of sheering out the color. Application issues aside, though, check out that shade! Fierce!
Wearing So Sanguine. Hard to get it perfect on my lips - maybe that's just me. The color is beautiful, though.
Au Currant is, sadly, not as good as the other two. The gorgeous plum color in the tube is sheered out on lips, and applies very unevenly. Half of that is the applicator, and half the formula, I think. It's not really aided by a lip brush, and I wouldn't carry around an extra brush anyway. When I smoooosh my lips together, it just moves around the patches. After a few minutes, it starts to even out slightly, but it's still not something I can recommend. Perhaps I can find a use for it as a layering gloss. We'll see.
Au Currant. The patchiness is a shame, because it would be a beautiful grape shade if it all worked out properly.
I had much better luck with a much thinner layer of gloss, but that does sheer it out quite a bit.  It's a nice berry stain, but loses some of its high gloss shine when it's sheered out like this. I'd say it's not worth the trouble.
I can't really remember how much they were, exactly. I know they were on sale at Shoppers when I purchased them so I paid about $8 CAD for each one. In general, I do really like the formula, and I would buy other shades, though I'm not a fan of the applicator. In most cases I can work with it, though; it works best with lighter shades like Coralicious, and it's passable with bold shades like So Sanguine (which is really a gem of a shade from a drugstore brand!). I'd pass on Au Currant.