Friday, November 23, 2012

A Handful of Lipsticks from Marcelle

Okay, this post has been a long time coming, but it takes a while to swatch lipsticks, okay? And now you Canadian readers can maybe see which ones you'd like to throw in gift bags or stockings for the holidays. See? There was a master plan. *cough*
I like Marcelle's Rouge Xpressions a lot. So much, that I bought five of them when I was in Vancouver. Tracy gave me Amour a while ago (a fabulous red), and I picked up Cleopatra, Delirium, Enchantment, Jezebel, and Passion. (Ahahaha, for some reason, I spelled "Delirium" wrong for the rest of the post...sorry).
Sorry, forgot to swatch Amour on my arm.

Aside from that, these are creamy, comfortable to wear, fairly long wearing (better wear with the darker shades, naturally) and taste- and scent-free. They are also paraben-free. And $12 CAD. To give you a benchmark: I like them better than any other drugstore lipstick I've tried, and better than most MAC formulas. Amour can feather a bit, but I think it's because it's extra emollient - a lipliner will take care of that easily.
Top, L-R: Enchantment, Jezebel, Delerium
Bottom, L-R: Passion, Cleopatra, Amour

I don't know how people do more than one lip swatch at a time...after doing all of these I could no longer feel my face. Just saying. The things I do for you. And now: more photos of my face than anyone needs.
Enchantment: nude-ish "cream". Wish it were slightly less pink, but it's a nice shade. 
Jezebel: Dark pink "cream." Can make me look dead if I'm not careful, but it's a great vampy shade.  One of my favorites.
Delerium: Orange-red "pearl". Bit of a metallic sheen.
Passion: Reddish-brown "pearl." I guess that means: lightly metallic finish. Still nice. Festive.
Cleopatra: Bright fuchsia "cream." Fabulous and bright - perfect summer shade!
Amour: Fabulous blue-red "cream." Amazing pigmentation.
As I said, the formula on all of these is amazing - they're super comfortable to wear, and they come in a nice range of shades. I'd definitely recommend them! For those in the US, you can shop online here, with free shipping over $50 (that's what, four-ish lipsticks? Yeah. Do it.). If you need more convincing, see Rae, Arianne, Xiao. And then just try to resist.