Monday, October 29, 2012

Sometimes You Gotta Wait...

...because mascaras need some time to open up. Or something. Like a wine? Who knew. The first time I used L'oreal's Voluminous Power Volume Collagen Waterproof Mascara (seriously - who comes up with these names? Because they...could use some fine-tuning), I wasn't that impressed. I let it sit for a couple of weeks - not intentionally, just because I, erm, forgot about it - and the next time I took it out again, it was like a whole different mascara!

Well, maybe not that different. But almost. The first time, it did seem to add volume and length, but it was a bit smudgy. Two weeks later, much less smudging. Much less. It holds a curl, adds oomph - and length, which is a bonus - and is easy to remove. I don't feel like I'm yanking out all of my eye lashes. It's kind of amazing.
The brush is big and uh...I'm not a mascara expert, so I don't have much else to say. It's a fat brush. Not for those who like tiny, precise brushes.

I still don't wear mascara daily, because I still don't consider it an essential and I'm lazy. But when I do, this is the go-to. I curl my lashes, apply this, and bam. There is minimal smudging in the first five minutes, perhaps, but after that, it's nice and solid. I usually just bat my lashes gently against a finger to remove the excess, and it's fine. Now. Photos!
Your left: with mascara. Your right: without. Lashes were pre-curled with my Shiseido curler. I like that this one doesn't clump too much, doesn't give those flakies (hate that. Looks so cheap), and holds a curl for a full work day. Really opens up my eyes!

Both eyes have mascara. Please ignore the wonky uncurled lash on the left, haha. 
And if you want to see it in action (part of an eotd):
This is the smoky eye from my Bandit Nude Lips post. Ignore my-color changing face ;)

These go for about $7.95 on; I originally bought mine at Fred Meyer with a coupon, but next time I'll probably buy them from And there will be a next time. The mascara hunt is OVER.

What do you look for in a mascara? I'm a volume girl. Do you go for length? Curl? Volume?