Friday, October 26, 2012

Empties + Rejects, V9

Doing monthly empties posts is actually a nice way to mark time. I thought about only posting when I had lots of things to show, but well, this gives me a better idea of how long products last, when they become effective, etc. So, monthly posts it is! Except that this one is about half a month late. Eep.


Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash, sample
I actually did like this, quite a lot. The beads are small and they aren't rough, but my skin still feels refreshed afterward. Maybe I'll buy a full size later, but I have something else to try out right now. Also, this little sample packet lasted a long time!

Origins A Perfect World for Eyes Firming Moisture Treatment with White Tea
Talk about a mouthful, jeez. This wasn't bad at first, but after a while it started to pill under concealer in the mornings. I found that if I applied concealer immediately after eye cream, that issue was avoided. I like it (although it does have a strong white tea smell - doesn't bother me, as I rather like it, but be warned if you're sensitive) but I'm not sure I'd repurchase at this time. I do love the pump packaging, though!

Philosophy Hope Oil-Free SPF 30 sample
Don't like. Greasy feeling, can't imagine it would go well under makeup. I wore this in the early mornings when I took Dennison out on his morning walk (S and I switch off every other morning), before I washed up and got ready for the day. I needed the SPF! I won't be purchasing it, though.

Crest 3D Whitestrips

Used these to brighten my teeth before the wedding. Find my experience here.

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk
This thing lasted almost a year! Impressive, for sure. Already repurchased. You can find my review here.

Expired & Rejects

Shu Uemura eyelash curler
Yes, it's a tool, and can't really "expire," per se, but they don't sell refill pads and I put in the refill pad that came with it long ago. I bought a Shiseido curler, because they sell refills, and the difference with using a fresh curler is astounding.

Stila Natural Beauty Palette
I have had a love-hate relationship with this palette. On the one hand, it has a selection of shimmers and mattes in neutral shades, which I love. On the other hand - and I've mentioned this before - the quality of each shade kind of sucks. I've dealt with it in the past because I wanted matte shades, but now I'm just kind of fed up of packing on the powder just to get a bit of color to show. It's gone.

Well, that's it for this round. I've started acquiring things again (yikes!) but I'm also culling the stash at the same time, so I think we're still sort of in equilibrium. I haven't started overflowing the train case yet, at least!

How have you been doing? Have you chucked anything that just wasn't cutting it? Do you try to make it work?