Saturday, September 1, 2012

Something Like Nail...Art

I received Essie Stroke of Brilliance* (blue hex glitter coat) and Blue Rhapsody* (metallic blue) as separate Klout perks this summer, and decided to attempt something fancy with them. By fancy, I mean, more than just layering the two completely, which is my normal thing.
Essie Blue Rhapsody*, Essie Stroke of Brilliance*, Essie Good-to-Go Rapid Dry Top Coat

I decided I just wanted to apply the Luxe Effects Stroke of Brilliance to just the very tips of my nails - mostly because this sounded pretty fool-proof and also, I figured I could just trim that part off when my nails started to grow, thus eliminating painful glitter removal. (It sort of worked out - I was impatient and trimmed them before they grew out too much, so I still had to scrub some of it off.)
Ta-da! Sorry about the chip. The pictures I had taken earlier didn't come out well. So I retook them, without realizing that I had chipped my index finger. Oops. Clearly I'm not a nail blogger.

I think it turned out pretty well, all things considered. I might attempt it again with another pairing (I'm thinking A England Camelot and Butter London The Black Knight, both for the color combo and the NAMES), but probably not with this duo again. Blue Rhapsody is horribly streaky and application is a hot mess; it drags and doesn't level out very well. I doubt I'll pull this one out too often. Stroke of Brilliance is fun, but I don't really have much use for an icy blue glitter very often. Nice to have, though. Do you have either of these? Did you pick up any of the metallic Essies from this summer? I'd be interested to know if the rest of them are streaky, as well.

*Items were received free as Klout perks.