Monday, September 10, 2012

Clinique's Almost Lipstick is Almost...Lipstick

I figured we haven't had an obnoxious title in a while, so we were due. Ta-da! Quota filled.

Moving on. This is Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Flirty Honey. This summer, I was looking for a sheer, juicy pink, and this fit the bill. I quite like it - I find it non-drying (almost moisturizing, even), and the cool shade is spot-on, but there are a few things I'm on the fence about. I think the sheer lipstick thing is actually hard to pull off, mostly because, well, it can look like you were wearing brighter lipstick and it wore off.
Swatch.  Please forgive the condition of my lips. 
Still, if you want a juicy, non-drying, sheer wash of color, an Almost Lipstick isn't a bad choice. I'm not sure that I'd buy any more of them - I kind of want to try L'Oreal's Rouge Caresse line, as it seems like a much more affordable stand-in - but they deliver on their promises.
Pretty much a tinted balm, I guess. Adds a bit of color, comfortable to wear, sheer, juicy finish.
They retail for $15 (0.07 oz) at Clinique counters or Sephora; I purchased mine at Sephora.
What's your favorite sheer lipstick?