Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Plum Acquisition: MAC Stratus

MAC Stratus is a limited edition, mineralize blush that came out with the Heavenly Creatures collection this summer. I passed on all of them at the time - though Stratus did initially catch my eye with its unique coloring - but then, last week, I realized that this was the plum-colored blush that I had been looking for, and I purchased it (it's still available on both the MAC and Nordstrom websites).
I really like the swirled blush design in the pan, though I don't know that I'm the biggest fan of how the melange translates onto skin. I could probably use less of the coppery shade, but there you go.

Temptalia's review persuaded me, because she says it shows more plum on the cheeks than in a swatch, and her photos seemed to agree. My experience is the same. In my arm swatch, it's a purply red, almost like a bruise (attractive, right?) - a bruise with flecks of gold.
The flecks are more apparent in direct sunlight - it's almost glittery, but not as harsh. It definitely seems like individual flecks of glitter in this photo though, huh?

On my face, since I apply it quite lightly, it shows up as a plummy pink. When applied more heavily, it turns into a deliciously deep mauve, but it can get out of hand in a hurry. I'm still playing around with it - there have been quite a few disasters that resulted in a frantic buffing out of the cheeks, accompanied with pirate language.
Could I have used a pink blush instead? Probably. This one has just a hint of reddish warmth, though, and works better in some looks than brighter or cooler pinks.
On lips: Rouge d'Armani
It's perfect for fall, paired with a nude lip and well-defined eyes, or to add some color to your face in preparation for vampy lipstick. But as I said, be careful: they weren't messing around with this blush - it is seriously pigmented. I don't like using stippling brushes with powder formulas, so I use a very fluffy brush and light hand. Of course, I'm pretty pale, so your mileage may vary.

At this time, it's still available and retails for $23.50 (0.10 oz). Stratus is not a must-have, by any means. But if you're looking for an autumn addition to your blush stash, this could be it. It would also be divine on those with a deeper complexion.