Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some Beauty Tools with Sass

I've always had plain, boring tweezers - I used a pair of Revlon ones for a very long time. They work fine, but my hand does get cramped up after a while. Which is why I was intrigued by the idea of a differently designed pair of tweezers - one with a bigger pad for your fingers, so you can get a firmer grip on it. Like this one*, from Mont Bleu (their online store is here).

The company makes glass files and tweezers, most of which have pretty designs in Swarovski crystals. I confess that while the practical side of me doesn't really feel like tweezers need to be blinged out, I have to admit that it is really pretty, and it does make me happy to use them. The tweezers themselves are fine; the edges are a bit sharp, but I haven't managed to scratch myself yet, so I'd say they are okay. The design does make it easier to keep a grip on them.
They're made of stainless steel, and the clean, slanted edges make them easy to use.

The glass file* is also nice, and I like that they match, ha! I'm a big fan of glass files, in general; I have one that my mother gave me, but I think she bought it at a fair and I haven't seen too many other nice ones. This one is a good length, and actually, the crystals at the end also make it easier to keep hold of at the edge. It comes in a nice sleeve, and I think it will be fine for travel if you keep it in a small purse or bag.

All in all, the quality of these is quite good, and I think they're a lovely way to add a bit of spice to your basic beauty tools. The tweezers run 15 Euros (about $18 at the current exchange rate) and the glass files are 10 Euros (about $12 now).

*Items were received for evaluation from PR.