Monday, August 6, 2012

A Lipstick Bandit Breaks the Bold!

Boldly going where no bandit has gone before...we bring to you: sheer lipsticks. I know we're usually about the bright, dark, intense, strongly-colored lipsticks, but sometimes you want something different. Especially in the summer, when makeup is worn at a minimum due to glorious weather. I didn't have any sheer lipsticks, or any lipsticks of soft, moderate coloring (hello, red, red, red, red and bright orange), so I was delighted to pick out something to fill the gap in my lipstick arsenal. This is what I chose.
This is Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural 37. The bullet shape, texture, and faint scent of the lipstick actually reminds me of my beloved Rouge Diors. And they are $13 cheaper! This doesn't mean I will abandon my Rouge Diors, of course.

Lip swatch! Soft, peachy goodness.
The Rouge Artist Natural texture is quite nice, actually. It's not overly slippery (like the YSL Rouge Voluptes), but also not dry. It slides onto lips nicely, giving me a soft wash of color. It's not sheer in a juicy way (like Clinique's Almost Lipsticks), but more in a understated, romantic way. Or something. Like I said above, they actually remind me of Rouge Diors, and that is a lovely thing.
Full face shot. Looks more pink here, but it's more of a soft coral - it has some definite orange to it in person.
This is described as an "irridescent icy coral," but I don't really think it's that shimmery; there's certainly no sparkles or glitter, thankfully. S. helped me choose the color - the other corals were too orange.
MUFE's Rouge Artist Naturals retail for $19 at Sephora, which is where I bought mine. What's your favorite sheer(-ish?) lipstick? Let me know! I could use maybe one or two more...ahaha.

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