Saturday, August 18, 2012

The End of the Vampy Lipstick Quest

If you follow us on Twitter, you have prolly seen that Xiao and I and Tracy have been on the hunt for a deliciously vampy lipstick. It's a difficult thing; the lipstick needs to have the right combination of purple, red, brown shades, and it needs to be dark enough but not precisely black. I also prefer my dark shades to have a bit of gloss to them, so as not to make my face look too dull and dead. Also, matte, dark lipcolors can make lips look thinner.

Collectively, we went through quite a few shades, but I have found THE ONE FOR ME. It is this:
My first Rouge d'Armani! This is Plum 609. It looks red in the bullet, but just you wait.
Plum 609 meets all of my requirements, and even though it is still ridiculously hot in Seattle, I've been really enjoying it. I feel all va-va-voom with this on, you know? The texture is comfortable, and the color lasts and lasts. I also feel like it didn't transfer as much as some of my other lipsticks. This may be because the Rouge d'Armani doesn't feel creamy so much as almost...gel-like? Hard to describe, but I LIKE IT.
Natural light. You can see that it does feather after a while. I don't know if I should buy a dark lipliner?
In direct sunlight, it looks warmer, more red. Still gorgeous.
And then of course we need a FOTD up in here so you can see what it actually looks like on a person. Keep in mind that this is a very awkward looking person. I apologize in advance.
I tried to keep my makeup simple, but also wanted some color in my cheeks to keep myself from looking like a ghost.
So what do you think? Vampy enough? Too dark for my pale paleness? Is this a color you would rock? 
My hair has been doing weird things. I blame the heat.
Les Rouges d'Armani go for $30 at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus; I bought mine at Nordstrom with the help of a very awesome SA - we went through all of the counters looking for THE VAMPY LIPSTICK. If you're ever at the flagship Nordstrom, give Kristy at YSL a holler, ya hear?