Tuesday, July 24, 2012

theBalm Shady Lady Vol. 3

I already reviewed and swatched Volume 1, so here is Volume 3! This one has some brighter and lighter colors than Volume 1; I feel like these are a little bit harder to incorporate into looks using just this palette, but they're still lovely shadows, all the same. The texture and quality of the shadows is commendable, just as with Volume 1. Some of the shades are similar to those in Volume 1, but they are not quite the same.

On to swatches! All of these were swatched with a finger on to bare skin; photos were taken in direct sunlight unless otherwise stated.
Top row of the palette. L-R: Lusty Lee is a pretty powder blue lighter and less gray than Easy Wheezie from Volume 1. Envious Erin is a white gold, whiter than Jet-Setting Jennifer of 1, and Racy Kacy is a reddish brown, redder than Volume 1's Shameless Shana.
Middle row! L-R: Safe Bet Annette, a soft baby pink, Runaround Rebecca, a green-brown near-duochrome shade, and Come-Hither Heather, which is, of course, heather gray.
Bottom row! L-R: Open-to-Offers Olwen, a dusty teal. All the Way Annie, a muted eggplant, and Guilty Gwen, a glittery black that reminds me of the old Urban Decay Oil Slick.
It looks like there's a lot of glitter in these swatches, but uh, the only ones with visible glitter in the pan are All the Way Annie and Guilty Gwen. The rest of them are just shimmer or pearlescent. None of them looks harsh or metallic on the eyes, though, which makes them really easy to use everyday. And like Volume 1, none of these is overly bright, which translates to more colored, but wearable, eye looks.
All swatches, in natural light, but not in direct sunlight. My arm is pale. Such is life. 

I bought all three of theBalm's Shady Lady palettes for $39.95 during one of their promotions (I gave Volume 2 away, so I can't swatch that for you - sorry!), and I absolutely do not regret it. They are normally individually priced at $39.95. They often go on Hautelook or do promotions on their own, so I would definitely keep an eye on their social media pages if you're interested. I've also seen reports of these being spotted at places like TJ Maxx, though I've never seen them there myself. Between the two that I have, I'd say that I prefer Volume 1, mostly because it can stand alone - it has a good mix of light and dark shades. I still use this one, but in tandem with other coordinating crease shades. I'm also not a huge fan of the glittery black Guilty Gwen, but I can see that it would be useful for a smokey eye or as a liner. Overall: thumbs up, especially if you are looking to dip a toe into the world of colored eye looks, but don't want something too bright.
Ingredients from the back of the box.