Monday, July 2, 2012

Starry Starry...Eye?

I am always intrigued by variations on the "smokey eye," particularly ones with color instead of the usual neutral + gray/black combinations. Lisa Eldridge did a video a while ago featuring a navy smokey eye, and Dior's Fall 2011 "Blue Tie" collection also focused on a blue smokey eye. I've been meaning to try my own version of this for a very long time, but only just got around to it. I used a smattering of products (I apparently own a lot of blue) and I'm not sure how to describe the final look. Dramatic? Probably. Let me know what you think. It's brighter than the two versions that inspired me, but I kind of liked it.
NARS Smudgeproof Eye Shadow Base
theBalm Shady Lady Vol. 1 :
Risqué Renee
theBalm Shady Lady Vol. 3: Lusty Lee
Shiro Cosmetics Gyrados (cobalt blue)
Chanel Mirifique
Ardell lashes
Outrageous Volume mascara

I even pulled out the falsies for this one. I was apparently in the mood for theatrics. And I needed practice putting the damn things on (I still struggled with them on engagement photo shoot day, though. We were late because of lash problems. Oops).
Marcelle BB Cream
Smashbox High Definition Concealer in Light
Senna Cosmetics Très Jolie blusher
MAC Brow Set
 in Clear
theBalm Nude'Tude palette (brows)
And then I wanted to take my new nude lipstick for a spin (Dior 314 Angélique Beige; review coming up). And my new earrings (from Waterwaif - should I review these, too? I bought some fun earrings!). I guess the look was brighter and not quite as smokey as I intended, but I still liked it. I find that things always look darker in person than in photos, so maybe next time I'll try to overdo it and then have it show up marvelously on camera! And then I'll scare the neighbors.
By smiling awkwardly at them. o_o
I was thinking this might be fun to try in different colors. Maybe green. Maybe yellow. What do you think?