Monday, July 16, 2012

More Beauty on a Budget: Real Techniques Starter Set

This is the Real Techniques Starter Set, which is a set of five eye brushes. The Real Techniques brushes are color coded; orange is for base/foundation brushes, pink is for finishing, and purple is for the eyes. The type of brush is also written on the handle, and the soft, non-scratchy fibers are made of Taklon, so these are cruelty-free. The sets also come in the case you can see above; I don't use it, but I can see it being useful for travel. It can be made to stand up.

I have quite a few of these; I reviewed the Stippling Brush here, and I also have the Core Collection brushes, which I'll cover later. For now, let's focus on these eye brushes.
L-R: Crease brush, Base Shadow brush, Accent brush, Pixel-point Eyeliner brush, Brow brush.

I'll tell you right now that the Pixel-point Eyeliner brush is pretty useless and I never use it. Its bristles are too long and floppy, which does not lend itself to precision, in my opinion. The other four brushes, however, are quite nice, and I do use them daily (I generally use a combination of these and the Ecotools brushes for daily application, depending on the look). The crease brush is different from the standard; this one has a round fluffy head that comes to a general point, versus the slanted crease brush in the Ecotools set. Both have a place and a purpose, I think. This one is nice for depositing color in the crease, and the slanted one is nice for blending it out slightly above the crease.

The Base Shadow brush is flat and good for depositing color all over the lid, which is exactly what it was created to do. The Accent brush is handy for bringing color down under your eyes, or even for a bit of smudging, as it is short-bristled and fairly thin. The brow brush has actually become my favorite for filling in my brows, over the Ecotools version. It's fuller and a hair thicker; if you have sparse or thin brows, this may not be the thing for you, as it affords less control for filling in your brows. However, if you have fairly thick brows and just want to fill in some spots or even out the coloring by filling them in  with some powder, this one covers a lot more ground per stroke, and has a softer edge, giving a more natural finish to brows.

Conclusion: four out of five of these brushes are in constant use Chez Larie, so the set is highly recommended. It retails for $17.99 at Ulta, and if you're in the PNW, they can also be found at Fred Meyer!