Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Daily Face: Summer Edition

This is a post inspired by my own nosiness. I like to see the routines of other people, so I decided I'd show you my own, in hopes of prompting similar posts from friends (hint, hint!). Also, Arianne did one, which lit the fire under my butt and inspired me to actually put this damn post together. Although, I'm not saying that this takes me five minutes! It can, but lately I've been taking my time, trying to calm down the morning dash. This is just my summertime everyday face. The colored cosmetics change from day to day (i.e. blush, eye shadow, lip product, if applicable, ha!) but the rest of it is always the same. Also, I decided to show things in their proper order, as I tend to apply products in the same order every day. Here we go!

Every morning, I spray Bain de Terre Purité Healthy Leave-In Elixir*** onto my bedhead and let that sink in while I wash my face with the old standard, Clinique Facial soap. That's quickly followed by the Clinique Moisturizing Gel, Clinique Super City Block, and eye cream (currently: Origins A Perfect World). Then I comb out my hair, get dressed, and open up the train case.

Because it's summer and I don't want anything really heavy on my face, I've been sticking to a really simple combination. I spray my face with MAC Fix+, apply Marcelle BB Cream** with my fingers, and then gently dab Smashbox's HD concealer (Light) under my eyes. I finish with a light layer of MAC MSFN in Medium.

Next, it's brows. I brush them into shape, fill them in lightly with Sleek from theBalm Nude'tude palette, and then set them with MAC Brow Set in Clear. Then I work on eyes; NARS Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base is the best primer I've used so far, and works with any shadow. I've kind of been all over the place with shadows lately, but here I'm using mattes from my Stila Natural Beauty palette. I line with Benefit Magic Ink, and sometimes blend out the line with Urban Decay Bourbon.
Cheeks are after eyes; that's just how I do. In this instance, I used Senna Cosmetics Clarity* for a coral flush. Then I either apply balm, gloss, or lipstick, depending on how I'm feeling (or sometimes I skip lip products altogether, like in the FOTD above, ha!). For the combination I have here, I'd probably go with something coral or peachy, or even nude, to finish it up. There will be a summer lip post soon!

There we go! That's the summer face. What products are part of your summer routine? Is it much different than your winter/spring version?

*Items marked with a star were won in a sweepstakes-style giveaway hosted on another blog. Thanks, MM!
**Items marked with two stars are gifts from friends. Thanks, Tracy!
***Items marked with three stars were received from PR for evaluation.