Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I've Learned From Fashion Blogs #6: There Are No Rules

Sure, there are plenty of guidelines, and plenty of things you really shouldn't do unless you want to be scorned forever more (e.g., wear shorts or mini-skirts with UGG boots. I don't get that at all. If it's hot enough for a mini, it's too hot for UGGs, no?). But everything else is up to personal preference, I'd say. For example, as a not-so-tall person (I'm 5'3", or 160 cm), I didn't think I'd be able to find a maxi dress that wouldn't puddle on the floor and overwhelm me. Also, I find that they're sometimes cut in unflattering ways.

Still, I wanted one, so I opted to order one from Target; it's a juniors dress in XS, so it actually doesn't sweep the floor! (Well. I have to wear wedges or higher sandals. But it's still something.)

Dress: Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Halter Maxi (Target)
Clutch: Target
Shoes: Xhilaration wedges (Target), sz 5.5
Earrings: Kendra Scott (Nordstrom)
Sunglasses: Burberry

This is actually a combo "things I've learned from fashion blogs" post, because everything I'm wearing here (except for the earrings and sunglasses) is from Target. I never thought I could find comfortable, casual, trend items at budget prices, but it turns can. (Duh, perhaps?) I've had these sandals for a year (I saw them on Extra Petite's blog and bought them based on her recommendation) and they're still in great shape.
I never know how to pose or what to do! S. was not helpful. "Don't you look at other people doing this all day?"  All day? Excuse me?
I'm happy. There's something very comfortable and summery about maxi dresses. I also feel very girly in them, for some reason. A few weekends ago, I switched out these sandals for Reef slippers, put the chain on the clutch, and went to the zoo like this!

What do you think? Fail? Do you like maxi dresses? Have you found any fabulous bargain items lately?