Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The ban is officially over, but this was a hard post to write. I don't want to be constantly whinging on about weddings and monies and personal goals, so this will be the last of this type of post (hopefully!). I don't judge anyone, and I'm not advocating this type of outlook for other people. This is just what works for me.

This past month, I admit that I did take advantage of theBalm's 3 for $39.50 deal; each Shady Lady palette retails for $39.50 on its own, so it was an incredible deal - basically a "buy one, get two free". And shipping was free, as well! I kept two of the palettes and gave one away to a friend. However, this move was motivated by the fact that I am giving away all of my indie shadows (well, most; I am keeping some Fyrinnae and a handful of others). They're beautiful and I like the variety, but they are a pain to handle on a daily basis because they are loose and glittery, and honestly, I just never use them. My hope is that they can be used for frankens and beautiful nail art. I bought theBalm palettes to replace some of the color families that I gave away, and because they are housed in small, travel-friendly palettes, I know I will get more use out of them.
I gave one away, but the recipient graciously let me photograph it first to show all three and how they compare :) The dents are a result of the packaging; the top has a ridge so if it presses too hard into the bottom when the palette is closed, it can dent the shadow. 

I'm already seeing the difference; I gravitate toward these new palettes far more readily than I ever did to my stash of indie jars. I don't have to fuss with jars or dig them out of their little acrylic box; in this case, practicality > variety. I have 18 shades now instead of 50+, but I probably never used most of those shades frequently anyway, so...there you go. I'm aware that this doesn't count as a freebie, but for the long run, I feel good - I feel like I culled down my stash, and now have items that will see more use.

The six month ban is over. All done. Finished. I have two items I know I will buy - both lip products unique to my collection - as a treat to myself for various reasons. After that, though, I've decided that I'm going to extend this whole ban thing until the wedding: four more months. I know I will have problems when the fall collections come out, as they are usually my favorite, composed of all the vampy shades I delight in, but hopefully those will stick around long enough for me to purchase a few. I'm not making any fancy rules - I just have the goal in mind, and I think that will be enough: I want to save money so I can have a fun wedding and honeymoon.

Experiences can be worth so much more than material pleasures, and I feel several tubes of lipstick isn't worth missing a whale watching tour, or not being able to indulge in a fancy dinner with S. while we're celebrating our marriage. There are times when I may need or want to purchase something small, spontaneously: a new album, perhaps, or a pair of leg warmers - something fairly inexpensive like that - but otherwise, I'm just going to try not to spend any money on myself for a while, besides what is really necessary.

I think it will be okay. Going six months with an effort of not purchasing new makeup (however successful/unsuccessful it was) has changed my beauty outlook. I have my own personal list of skincare and cosmetic items that I'd like to try or own (e.g. red nail polish - can you believe I don't own a red cream?), but I can wait patiently for THE ONE - or a sale, ha! The hardest thing is LE collections, but you know, there are plenty of permanent items in the world to fill the gap, too. And I know that I like to wear makeup, not just own it, so that's the bottom line for me.

I do want to say thank you to everyone for their support, and for all of the lovely friends who have sent me gifts and keep me upbeat with their cheer and conversation. You are all awesome; thank you for reading and for your thoughtful comments, and for being awesome!

So, do you have any comments on the whole process? Any helpful tips for sticking out the next several months? Also, more: what is your favorite red lipstick?