Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Thursday Post

Lady Antebellum: Wanted You More. The instruments in this song kill me. So beautiful. Oh, and uh, I guess singing about heartbreak and all is beautiful, too. (I just realized that if you're on Safari, the videos don't work..!)

These photos are giving me the travel bug. S. and I want to go to Korea and Thailand next spring...

My brother has an obsession with corgis. These are so adorable though!

My heart sort of broke for these guys when I first learned about them on an episode of "The Life of Birds." They said a lone Kakapo male had wandered around a long time, calling for mates that were no longer there. It seems like they're starting to repopulate, but 126 birds is still not a lot. :(

I need to get my hands on these.

Simply breathtaking. Eerie, beautiful, fantastic.
What is the obsession with squirrels? He will never catch one, but he always, always, always tries!