Friday, June 29, 2012

theBalm Shady Lady Vol.1

theBalm Shady Lady Vol. 1 Palette. A lovely mix of colors!
I told you I purchased these during the recent promotion (all 3 for $39.50); I kept volumes 1 and 3. I dug into Vol. 1 first, so that's the one I'm showing you today. As far as quality goes, I'm really pleased with these palettes; the shadow texture is soft and pigmented, though there are a few that are not quite as good as the rest. Still, I got these for an incredible deal, and I like the color variety, so there are no complaints here. Also, in case you've never seen one of these in person, they're quite manageable - one is about the size of a hand, so they will travel well and don't take up too much space. The one thing I will be a bit critical about is the fact that the ridge of the mirrored top can sometimes dig into the shadows - in the photo above, you can see the smudge where the pink rim of the top cover dug into Shameless Shana. If you store them flat without pressing down on them too much, though, it should be okay.

I swatched all of these with a finger onto bare skin, no primer.
Swatches of the top row. Caught in the Act Courtney is the patchiest, but still easy to work with. There is visible glitter in that shade, though, and the others don't have any glitter - just shimmer.
Again, I can't put the accented "e" into my labels on GIMP. *shakes fist* Of these, Curvy Cami is my least favorite, probably both because of the visible glitter and just the shade itself - plums aren't my favorite on my eyes. Jealous Jordana and Risqué Renee are both lovely, but this may also be my bias for greens and blues.
The bottom row is full of winners. Jet-Setting Jennifer is exactly my kind of color - a beautiful, understated gold that I use as an all-over lid shade. All About Alex is a great dusty olive green, and Easy Wheezie is a slate blue that works well as a crease shade.

All together, now:
Overall, I'd say it's a good mix of shades; none of them are overly bright or punchy, and they work well together.

I bought mine during theBalm's recent promotion (all 3 Shady Lady palettes for $39.50, which is the regular price of one), and I'm pretty pleased. Do you have any of these? Would you be interested in seeing some EOTDs with this palette?