Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sweet Anthem Candle-Making 101

Nikki Sherritt, of Gabriel's Aunt, Rebel and Mercury.
I've got a bit of information for any local readers! Sweet Anthem is hosting a candle-making 101 session this Saturday, so if you've ever been curious about candle-making, now's the time!

Official Information (directly from Sweet Anthem): "Come join us for an afternoon of perfumed candle-making with Nikki Sherritt of Gabriel's Aunt and Rebel and Mercuy fame. Nikki is the creator of Aftelier Perfumes and Ayala Moriel Perfumes candles as well as her own line based right here in West Seattle.

This class covers the basics of candle-making at home; from choosing the right wicks to choosing the right wax. Two candles will be created during classs: A natural blend by Nikki and a Mixed Media Blend by Sweet Anthem's perfumer Meredith Smith. Because this class focuses on techniques rather than fragrances, students will not be able to choose the notes that go into their candle – rest assured the blends provided will be delectable!

Classes are taught at Sweet Anthem Handmade Perfumes – Meredith's atelier in the Morgan Junction neighborhood of West Seattle. Please plan for a two hour class for finding parking, enjoying the lecture, and most importantly – letting your candles cool enough to take home! During your class, you can purchase other candles and perfumes made by Nikki or Meredith, or sign up for more intensive courses to be held later in the summer.

Questions? Call 206-937-1415 during business hours, Wed-Fri 12-7pm and Sat, 11-6p"