Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Success Story!

MAC Soirée, gifted to me by Liz!
Chanel Delight was high on my wishlist this summer, but between one thing and the next, I knew I just simply wasn't going to buy it. I ogled the swatches - that fine shimmer, and the copper flecks! - but shrugged it off until I saw MAC Soirée...and Liz was kind enough to send me hers, since she didn't love it. Well, I do! Bwahahaha.

I didn't intend to make this into one of those cruel "shinies you can't have" posts, but alas...this was a limited edition release from several years ago, I think. There may be other dupes in the world, but I have not seen them. I don't think this is an exact dupe for Delight, but it's close enough for me! It even has those flecks in it.
See? Flecks!
To make things even more awesome, dry time is incredibly short with this one, and it lasted quite some time. It was a pain to remove, but that's okay. After I took it off of my fingers, I put it on my toes, and there it remains, haha. Metallics are usually featured around the holidays, but I also think they're very summery, especially coppery shades like this.

Well. There we go. Nail pr0n, I suppose. Have you been able to dupe any high-end or hard-to-find product this summer? Share your success stories with me!

*edit: Liz just informed me that this is being re-released as a permanent shade this summer. Temptalia has details here.