Monday, June 18, 2012

Some Fabulous New Blushes from Senna Cosmetics

Senna Cosmetics Clarity and Très Jolie, won from MM's giveaway!
You guys. YOU GUYS. These blushes, they're awesome. It's kind of hard to explain; they don't look terribly unique in the pan, but they are just so easy to use - easy to apply, blend, and wear. Effortless.
For whatever reason, I couldn't add the accent to the "e" in GIMP...and it drove me to distraction. Anyhow. The left swatch is heavy, with a finger; the right swatch is blended out.

The pans are small (much smaller than a MAC blush) but I actually really like that; they're easy to store, and goodness knows I will never finish even these pans of blush. I'm still able to take a brush to the pan, so they are practical.

Clarity is a bright, clean, matte reddish-coral, and you'd think that'd be my favorite, but actually, Très Jolie has won my heart. It's a soft, muted rose, with the barest hint of a shimmer (I don't really see shimmer particles - it translates as "lit-from-within" glow, and not a surface level sheen); I have been wearing it every day. 

That "è!" *shakes fist*
I swatched a couple of my blushes to compare; MAC Early Morning is more brown than Clarity, and has that Mineralize sheen. MAC Subtle Breeze is darker, more raspberry than Très Jolie and also has that Mineralize edge. (Bonus: I swatched all four of my pink blushes on my face - this looks ridiculous, yes, but it is helpful - and feel vindicated; they all. look. different. #fistpump)

I won these in the generous giveaway hosted by Makeup Morsels; they retail for $18.50 (0.12 oz each) on the Senna Cosmetics website. I don't know anything about the other shades (and the "swatch" boxes aren't as helpful as I'd like) but I am definitely interested in picking up one or two more to try. For more swatches and another review, see Rae's post.