Friday, June 8, 2012

Milani Brow Tint Pen in Dark Brown

This is a new product from Milani. It's paraben-free, cheer! It was also on sale when I was picking up some things at Walgreens (a loooong time ago, whoops!) when I was first looking for brow products. I thought it was interesting, although I was a bit torn on the idea of coloring in my brows with a marker. Because, let's face it - that's what I'm doing, right? And it's kind of hard. It's like, coloring in the lines, without much of a guide. The tip is pretty fine, though.

The color starts out a dark reddish brown, but shortly afterward, it fades into an almost greenish dark brown. This is fine with me, since the "fade" color is closer to my actual brows than the original. It does look a little unnatural when I first start shading in my brows, but a few minutes later, everything looks nice and dark. However, I'm not sure if I'd buy another one. Since then, I've started using powder to shade in my brows, and that looks much more natural. This is a good one to try if you've got a healthy brow shape and are just looking for a bit of spot filling.
This reddish brown color fades into a slightly greener shade after a few minutes.

If you have really sparse brows, I don't think this will work, because it will probably look really drawn in and fake. With my brows, I just kind of fill in the spots and the overall look is just darker and more polished. However, as I mentioned, this gave me the courage to try powder, and that is easier to work with and more natural.

I bought mine from Walgreens, for $4.49, which is still the current price. I think it retails for $5.99, so even at full price, it's not going to break the bank. I'm not sure how long the pen will last. It only comes in two shades right now, which is a little disappointing. I think it will probably dry out sooner than later, so even though I really like how easy this is to use, I don't think I'd repurchase. Also, something that kind of freaked me out: when I used this in combination with my MAC Brow Set, it made my brows reddish. Like, erm, black cherry-colored. Not a good thing.

Try it if: You only need a little bit of extra darkening for your brows, or are just getting into brows. It's pretty fool-proof.
Skip it if: You're a brow pro or want to do a little fancier shading, shaping, etc., with your brows. This is not the tool for that.