Monday, June 4, 2012

May Favorites

This month's favorites is filled with gifts from friends. TheBalm's Nude'Tude palette was a gift from the lovely Danielle of Bloomin' Beauty, and Chanel June and the Marcelle BB Cream were from the fabulous Tracy of Beauty Reflections. Thank you, ladies, you are wonderful!

So let's do this! I've already talked a lot about the coral craze I went through this month (and am still going through!), but the bigger discovery this month was: pink blush. No kidding. I was never much a fan of it, but you know what? It's really flattering! Duh, Larie. Also, I know that May is technically still a springtime month, but I was ready for summer, so I dressed that way. SUMMMMMMEEEEEERRR. That is all.
theBalm Nude'Tude palette
This is a fabulous, fabulous palette. I know we're all about nude, naked, neutral palettes these days, but most of those have too many browns for me. Browns really aren't that flattering against my skin tone, and I prefer a mix of colors and finishes in my "neutral" palettes. This has a few mattes (I wish they had included a soft matte beige though!) and the texture of the shadows is marvelous - soft, buttery, lovely. This has been my go-to palette this month, and, bonus: Sleek is a great brow shade for me. Thanks again, Danielle!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Coral Reef
I picked this up based on a few recommendations, because I wanted a coral lip gloss (yes, there's the ban, I know, but I already addressed that). This one is juicy and I love that it's glitter and shimmer free. I reviewed this here.

MAC Fix+ mini
I bought a mini bottle of this a while ago, just to try. I confess I didn't really know what to do with it at first, but I've finally found a few uses for it. It works well as a foiling medium for eye shadows, but I've also been using it with the Marcelle BB Cream this summer. I find the BB cream sinks into my skin better if I apply it immediately after I moisturize, or if I spray a bit of MAC Fix+ onto my face first. It also works to freshen up my skin after applying powder, to escape that overly powdery finish. It's not ground-breaking and I know a lot of people already love this stuff, but it's new to me and nice to have.

MAC Mineralize blush in Subtle Breeze
Like I said, I've just discovered the beauty of pink blush. I've always owned a few to use with different eye looks, etc., but I've never fallen in love until now. It's just such a breath of fresh air! It gives me a bit of color without looking overdone. I reviewed this here.

MAC MSFN in Medium
Already beat it into the ground. I lightly brush this all over my face after applying Marcelle's BB Cream for a little more coverage and a nicer finish. Find my original review here.

Marcelle BB Cream in Light/Medium
I was really excited to try this, and am so happy that Tracy sent it to me! I've been shying away from heavier foundations lately, because I felt like they just weren't working. Instead, I apply moisturizer and sunscreen, and then Marcelle BB Cream, finishing off with a light dusting of MAC MSFN. This combination is not heavy coverage by any means, but I think the BB Cream makes my skin look better - it looks more radiant and healthy, overall, so the imperfections aren't as noticeable. #fistpump

Scent by the Sea Egyptian Honey
This is a sample size that I've been working on forever, haha. Perfume oils are concentrated, okay? It doesn't take much. This has been my favorite scent lately, sweet but not syrupy. I'm working my way through the vial, almost done! Find more about Egyptian Honey here and here.

Nail polishes: Dior St. Tropez and Chanel June
I bought the Dior, and Tracy sent me her June - happy happy! I wore June on my fingers and St. Tropez on my toes for much of May. They're just such happy, cheerful, summery colors! St. Tropez also looks fabulous on finger tips. I haven't reviewed either of these, but you can find St. Tropez on my nails here.

What were your favorites in May? Have you already moved completely into summer items?