Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beauty on a Budget: EcoTools Brushes

Left: EcoTools Bamboo Eye Brush set, Ecotools Blush Brush (sold individually); Right: Bamboo 6-piece Brush Set. I own two more brushes that aren't pictured here - the Bamboo Finishing Kabuki and the Recycled Retractable Kabuki; both are excellent (click the links for my reviews).
I don't own a lot of fancy brushes. Most of my collection is composed of Ecotools, Sephora, and Real Techniques brushes; I do have one lone MAC brush, but I actually don't like it very much. I know everyone talks about both EcoTools and Real Techniques a lot, but I figured I'd throw in my two cents. Today, I have EcoTools!
The handles for the eye brush set are labeled appropriately. Very nice!

I purchased the Bamboo eye set and was given the 6-piece set as a gift for Christmas. They both come in a little brush wrap - the one for the eye brushes has a little mirror. The blush brush that I bought individually is also different than the one that comes in the set; the individual one is tapered and comes to a point, while the one from the set has a rounded top. Both are fluffy and excellent, and I use them for different effects. I don't know that you need both, though.

All of these brushes are soft and well-made; I haven't had any noticeable shedding and they wash nicely and are easy to dry. I like the eye brush set a lot, though I wish that the "shade" brush was a little bit bigger and a little fluffier - less dense. It would be the perfect set then. As it is, though, it's a great little set for traveling, and I like the short handles.
The wrap is a zippered pouch, as well, so you can throw things in it if you need to - like tweezers, for example, or cosmetics.

The 6-piece set is not as great, in my opinion, as I don't use the concealer brush or the eye shading brush; both are flat and stiff, not my favorite for use with items in my daily routine. I imagine the shading brush might work with cream shadows, but I don't own many of those at this time. I do really like the eyebrow brush and the angled liner; I use the angled liner brush for my eyebrows, so together they are my eyebrow duo! As mentioned before, I also use the blush brush on occasion (I prefer the tapered one, actually), so 3 out of 5 isn't so bad. I think there are other sets for basics, though, so I'd skip this one, especially if you already have components of it.

The travel wraps are convenient for, well, travel, but on a daily basis, not so much. I took out the long-handled brushes and stuck them in a cup with the rest of my brushes; the short-handled eye brushes remain in their kit, which is a bit annoying. I tried putting them in the cup, but they're...too short. (Duh?) But they are easy, I just fold back the edges and then grab the whole roll when I'm doing makeup. Lately I've been using the Real Techniques eye brushes, though...see those next time!
:D Not the most glamorous thing, but it works. And hey, it's a helium cup ;)

The eye brush set retails for around $7.99 at most drugstores, and the 6-piece set retails for $12.99, though both often go on sale (and at Ulta you can use coupons on them). The eye brush set is definitely a steal.