Saturday, May 12, 2012

Winged Colored Liner: A Tutorial

A really short tutorial, mind you. I know everyone has a few colored liners tucked away in their stash, but a few people have mentioned that they never quite know what to do with them. This is something I do almost daily, just changing out the color of the pencil. I like black liner to define my eyes (and I also find that the pencil sticks around a lot longer when it is blended into the liquid liner) so I use both. Hopefully you find this helpful!
Here's what I'll use: (L-R) Tarina Tarantino Wonderful palette, Sephora Outrageous Volume mini mascara, Sephora Long-lasting liner in 01 Black, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Liner in Covet, NARS Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base, Shu Uemura lash curler.
I start with primer, and then apply my shadows however I want. Here, I used the golden shade from the palette all over the lid, the pale green in the center, and the dark brown on the outer crease.
You can see that it looks quite undefined, which is why I never leave the house without liner. Except the time I forgot, and spent the rest of the day in a depressed stupor. Hahaha.
Now, we start with the liquid liner. I have to emphasize how unimportant it is for you to have a perfectly straight, even, razor sharp line. It's hard to accomplish that, and the beauty of this technique is: it doesn't matter in the end. So, stop berating yourself and whip out your liquid liner!
I start in the center; you don't have to, but that's where I like to start, as it ensures that I don't end up with a gob at either end of the lid, where the line should actually thin out.

And then we continue with liner toward the inner corner, and then the outer corner. I do both eyes, one after the other, so at this point I usually take a step back and look at them both in the mirror to make sure they're even - that they both come out far enough, seem to be about level, etc. The important thing is that they match each other, not that they are perfect on their own.
It's messy, but that's okay. I usually try to make sure at least the winged part is evened out as best as possible - not patchy.
Now, as I mentioned, I do both eyes one after the other. So when I've finished the second eye, the first one is slightly dry. At this point, I take my colored pencil of choice and run it along the black line I've already made, again starting at the center and working my way out toward both edges, smoothing my black line and getting an even line of color.
We're blending our pencil into our black line, see?
I use less pressure as I get toward the wing; think "feathery" strokes. Get it? Feathers? Wings? Har har.
Finish with mascara if you like (I did it this time, just for you), and voila! Some definition, and some color. Perfect for summer! I also have to drive the point home that even if it looks slightly messy up close, it will look fine from far away. So take it easy and stop fretting!
Okay, I hope that was helpful for somebody out there. You can do this with any colored pencil, or even a gel liner (I personally am not a fan of those, so I stick to pencils). Let me know if you decide to try it! I'd love to hear about it.