Sunday, May 27, 2012


The big day is still five months out, but I'm starting to get into "things I must do soon" (i.e., find a florist, meet with the caterer again, plan formal invitations, etc.) so it's on my mind again. I think I've pretty much figured out what kind of makeup look I'm going for on the big day (hint: red lips are involved), so I decided to take a break from doing FOTDs. Today we're focusing on the nails, instead. I'm not really a neutral nail girl, so I won't be going for the ultra-feminine barely-there pinks, or the whispery beiges, or any of that. No. I've got two contenders for the big day manicure color, and they're
A England Bridal Veil*, contender #1. This is two coats with an Essie top coat; excuse the messy application. But you can see the brilliant rainbow!

I think black is edgy and modern and I have an extreme soft spot for black polish. Also, our wedding colors are white, black and gold, so this will fit right in. My dress is elegant and simple, for the most part (well, on its own, anyway), and I want something to fit that aesthetic.
The sun turns this into a sparkling gem.

I wasn't sold on A England Bridal Veil at first, to be honest. It was Eugenia's brilliant suggestion when I told her I wanted something different from the usual nuptial pinks and pales, and while I loved the idea of black, I wasn't sure about the holo finish. It's a muted holo - it shows up gorgeously in sunlight, as above, but indoors, it's mostly just a speckled black. The second time I wore it, though, it grew on me. It had dimension, it changed, and in direct sunlight, holy moly it's gorgeous. The formula is easy to work with and its lasting power on the nails is on par with other A England polishes - that is to say, it's a very solid polish. What do you think about Bridal Veil?

The other contender is A England Camelot (haha, no, Adina is not sponsoring me - I just like the way she does black polish!). It's a basic black cream polish, but it's reliable and nearly a one coater and simply exquisite. It's a stark, solid, clean color, in contrast to the multi-faceted Bridal Veil, but I feel its strength is in its simplicity.
A England Camelot. The best black cream polish I've ever tried.

If not black, I've been considering something punchy and bright like Dior Riviera (if I ever get my hands on it) or something sparkly and gold. I'm not sure, though. What do you think? What color would you wear (or what color did you wear at your wedding?)? What do you think I should go with?

*Items marked with a star were sent by the company for evaluation purposes; reviews are definitely my own (hey, it's my wedding we're talking about, here!)