Monday, April 16, 2012

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

SUCCESS. I have restored my data from my dead laptop onto our iMac. Thank you so much, RoboZelda (of Beauty Raid) for your detailed instructions! I managed to do things from Time Machine, but I will definitely try to salvage my hard drive later. I finished all of this around 11 pm last night, but I did have a few posts lined up and ready to go, so there will be some fresh reading material here today at least! Hopefully I'll get back to my photos and such shortly. Thanks for your kind words, everyone, and for your patience!

Here's the Fresh lip polish that I got as part of the Sugar Lust set last year. Let's ignore the severe tardiness of this post, shall we?

This is a mini version (0.28 oz); the full version is $22.50 for 0.6 oz. I think it's well worth it, though, as this is still a substantial amount, and you only need a little bit for every use. There are no instructions for use anywhere on the packaging or on the box, but Sephora's site says: "Apply Sugar Lip Polish to the lips and gently massage away dull skin. Leave on for 5 minutes, and rinse with warm water. Recommended use is two to three times a week for irresistibly kissable lips." I can't really get back to you on the "irresistibly kissable" part, as I feel I can't be an objective judge, and S. says it's a loaded question (prompting "Does that mean my lips aren't always irresistibly kissable? Huh? Huh?") so he refuses to participate.

I don't know how mind-blowing something as purely functional as a lip scrub can get, but I like this one. It's granular but the little bits are small and not too sharp or harsh. I don't usually leave it on for five minutes (maybe just a couple, because I'm impatient and leaving all this stuff on one's lips is pretty uncomfortable...what are you supposed to do for five minutes with gunk all over your lips, I ask you?), but it works well. My lips are never raw afterward, and it's the perfect thing to use to prep lips for a particularly fussy stain or lipstick. Bonus? This little pot is gonna last me forever.

I use a little spatula to dig some out (less than pea-sized, honestly), rub it around my lips with one finger, wait a bit, and then rinse off with water. My lips feel as if I have already applied balm afterward. Ta-da! Easy enough, right? I use it once a week or so, or as needed. It does have a faint lemon-y smell, but this is a rinse-off product and it's not bothersome.

I guess I'm kind of in love with Fresh lip products. I could do without the lemon-y scent, to be honest, but they do work. For something reliable like this, I'd fork over the money.

Try it if: You're looking for a non-stripping lip exfoliator.
Skip it if: The thought of paying $22.50 for a lip scrub (full size) pains you. I don't blame you. They often come in sets, though, so I'd try to track down one of those!

The full size runs $22.50 for 6 oz at Sephora.